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Chota Kick Boat Booties

by Ron Eagle Elk (REE)

When I was told I was getting a pair of Chota Kick Boat Booties I almost said no. I mean, c'mon, a bootie? Just another flimsy, usless piece of fishing gear that will sit in the back of my closet, right? Wrong! Very wrong! These Chota "Booties" are some serious footgear.

Last year my wife, Vickie, dragged me, kicking and screaming all the way, into the world of float tubes and pontoon boats. After realizing that I didn't have to quit wading I sort of gave in. Just a couple of immediate complaints. I'm not in as good a shape as when I was much younger. As light weight as my wading boots are, kicking around a lake wearing both fins and wading boots wore me out. If I left the boots ashore, then I took a chance of puncturing the neoprene stocking foot or, slipping on some moss covered rock during a launch or take out and taking a soaking.

Kick Boat Bootie These Chota Booties solved the problems for me. Extremely light weight, so no more tired legs. Okay, not as tired legs. With the ribbed rubber sole and felt inserts embedded under the ball of the foot and heel, I am assured of a good footing on almost any surface. That includes a freshly waxed kitchen floor with wet booties. Great footing, mad wife.

After 23 years in the Infantry, I appreciate good foot gear. When I first slipped into the Chota Kick Boat Booties, I noticed a couple of things. First, I slipped into them, like putting on a pair of slippers. No fighting, stomping or pushing. The fully gusseted zipper on the inside of the ankle assures easy entry and exit from the bootie. Secondly, the footbeds cradled my feet like good running shoes. No side to side movement and most importantly, they were comfortable to wear.

Over the toe and arch of the bootie there is a rubber coating that will resist the wear and tear of the hardest fin material over many seasons of fishing. The velcro straps over the instep and back of the ankle give more than adequate support for the wade in and out when launching, and provide that extra measure of security from kicking your way out of your booties.

I realize that not everyone has nice gravel beaches or boat ramps to launch from. Some of us have to contend with mud banks. I slipped into my Chotas and headed for the nearest bog to do some wading. Clambering up and down steep mud banks I still slipped when the booties were wet from the bog, but not nearly as bad as when wearing felt sole boots. In places where we would normally launch our tubes or boats, this did not present a problem. There was no tendancy to step out of the bootie when mud was sucking at my feet with each step, again, thanks to a good fit and those velcro straps. I also noticed that the booties drained quickly, faster than my normal wading boots, so you aren't lugging around a quart of water on each foot.

At a little under $60.00 I expect these booties to last. To be sure I had to wear them for a while and generally abuse them. I abraded them against rocks and concrete boat launches, slogged through mud and sand, and even drove my Ford F-250 over them a time or two. Hey, if you can slam a truck door on your rod tip, it's possible to drive over your boots. Aside from some slightly discolored felt in the soles from the mud, after a quick rinse the boots looked and fit like they were new.

After seeing these boots and trying them out for herself, my wife, Vickie, just made one comment. "I gotta get me some of those!" So Chota, the check is in the mail. ~ Ron Eagle Elk (REE)

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