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Phos Yukon Reel

by Ed Dayton

Keith Majarro and his guy's at Phos Precision Fly Reels have put together a bag of jewels when they developed the Phos line of reels. The reels come in two series, the Yukon and the PH series, both series have large arbor and standard arbor spools available. The Yukon also has a "big game" reel and spool, this one is a little wider then the standard Yukon to enable it to hold the heavier line. I personally believe that the standard Yukon will handle the big game fish, salmon, steel head and some of the salt water species just fine.

Although I haven't had the opportunity to use the PH series yet, I have claimed the Phos Yukon as my reel of choice for most fishing situations. The first models seemed to be a little large, but they balanced out my Powell 5W just fine.

Keith has recently come out with a smaller reel which maintains the same interesting qualities as it's bigger brother. The standard Yukon model has three different spools available. The standard arbor for 7,8 and 9 line, mid arbor for 4, 5, and 6 and then the large arbor for 2, 3 and 4 weight. Take you choice, one frame, three spools for all situations.

My initial initiation to the Yukon was done on the Green River, "A" section at Little Hole. I have fished this area on a quite regular basis and knew that it held some trophy size browns and rainbows. I had caught a bunch but I had also lost a lot more then I landed. I hoped that this trip would be just as much fun. It was. The first cast of the day was with a zonker which was immediately taken by a brown that tipped the scale at about 7 pounds. Take that much fish, mix it with some deep and fast water, throw in 50 pounds of adrenalin and you're in for an exciting time.

As this brown stripped off line and backing, I found that I could really fine tune the drag on the Phos, right down to the adjustment that's needed. The Phos got a work out, the Powell stayed in one piece and the brown came in to the net. A great start for a great day.

Yukon reel

Was I impressed with the reel? You bet, and so were several other guy's who were watching the whole episode. The Phos has fast become the top selling reel in my shop.


The spool, frame, foot and dial are all aero space grade aluminum bar stock.

The gears, pawl, shaft and counter balance are 303/304 stainless steel.

The drag system is is a caliper disk drag with aramid (kelvar) pads.

Springs and screws are type 302 stainless, the only stainless steel springs available.

Removing the spool and reversing the drag is simple. The spool is removed by depressing the center button and turning it to the left. This feature insures positive locking of the spool to the shaft. To reverse the retrieve simply remove the screw from the pawl and turn the pawl over so either the "L" or the "R" is up, replace the screw and then remove the three screws on the cog pawl and turn it so the "L" or "R" is up. Done, it's reversed.

Price. Last but not least we come to that all important question. How much? Now I would like to say that a reel like this would retail for about $250.00. I can't tho. I mean, after all, this has got to be one of the strongest reels on the market with the exception of some of the big, bad and ugly's used for whales.

Actually, the surprise is the Yukon retails for around $159.00. The big game model goes for about $185.00 with the PH Series, checking in at $285.00 and the PH-6 large arbor peaking out at $539.00. Extra spools start at $65.00 for the Yukon, $85.00 for the big game series and from $135.00 - 295.00 for the various reels in the PH series.

Not bad for a quality reel that's hard to beat for strength and durability. Take a look for yourself at the Phos website. ~ Ed Dayton

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