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Teton Reels

Teton Fly Reel # 7

by J Castwell

Although Weston H. Ament (Teton Fly Reels) makes many sizes and types, I only have fished the Teton number 7. Here are the vital statistics: reversible - right or left handed, diameter = 3.5", weight = 6.1 oz, line size = WF8, backing = 250 yds of #20.

I used the reel on my latest bone fish trip to the Bahamas and landed fish from 4 to 12 pounds. I also lost a much larger bone fish, but not because of anything the reel had to do with it. The reel performed all functions as promised and beyond. I personally would highly recommend this reel to a friend.

Teton Parts

This is a 'exploded-view' of the workings of the reel. The patented (#5590847) brake system is sealed and does not need any maintenance of any kind. Keep it clean, add a drop of oil to the shaft the spool seats on, and go fishing. They are guaranteed for life, period!

Now lets talk about how it worked. The 6.1 oz weight seemed just fine on the number 8 fly rod. I did not notice that it was too heavy, nor too light. It just fit fine, and felt well-balanced on the rod. A few times I had to reduce the drag when a 'hot-bone' got deep into my backing. The drag knob is large enough to find during the excitement of playing a fish, and knurled so wet, slippery, nervous fingers won't have any problems with it. That may seem like a small thing; it is not.

The handle on the spool is big, but not too big. I never had it slip out of my grip. The counter-balance on the spool does not stick up, but is flattened like a tire weight; not in the way whatsoever. I like a 'full-cage' on my reels. Teton reels have that; but also have the exposed rim for feathering the drag. The drag has a full range of adjustment, and can be increased even more by the owner if desired. I did not find it even desirable to do so. It is perfect as it came from the box. Or as Wes says, "Fly Reels - Beautifully Simple!"

I also like the 'fully-ported' aspect of the back of the main body. Very large ovals cut to allow air to help dry a line, and reduce weight also. The attention to the finish is superior to reels I have seen costing much more. And that brings me to an important point.

Cost. I do not think I can find any reel made selling for $205.00 that can even begin to compare to the Teton. Take a hard look at one the next time you have a chance. I believe you will be pleased with what you find.

When you fill out the guarantee card, on the 'comments' line, tell them J Castwell told you to get one, and he better be right. ~ JC

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