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Aug 3, 2015

"Today is the someday that you were living for yesterday." - Anonymous

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Presentation, it's a word that we hear often in the fly fishing world but one that most experienced fly fishers will tell you is the most neglected part of most anglers skill set. Talk to any professional fly fishing guide and they will tell you that most of the anglers that they guide do not truly understand presentation.


There is a lot of good (and some bad) information for fly fishing on the Internet. Sometimes though there is just no substitute for good old fashioned paper. If you are looking for a great magazine we recommend you check out one from Amato Publishers.


Recently while discussing fly fishing with a friend, he brought up the fact that he was thoroughly disgusted with fly fishing. He had bought an entry level rod and reel with a small starter package two seasons ago, but wanted to upgrade to a "real" fly fishing outfit. He then proceeded to begin a slight rant on what had him so twisted. It seems after going to three or four pro-shops, it was basically laid out for him that unless he wanted to simply waste his money they would always come out to a price tag of something in the $200 to $300 range.


I had received permission to go to pond that is not available a lot, and since the fishing urge was strong I packed up my gear for a day of fishing.  Previously it has not been possible to drive in so I decided to hike in with two rods. I took a 1 weight and a bamboo rod and three boxes of flies with me. Hiking in about 400 yard helps to prune what is taken to the pond. It was a nice day with overcast skies and a slight breeze. When I got to the pond I can see the bottom out about six feet. I was slightly surprised to find so much weed growth around the edge of the pond. It extended out from the shore line to about four feet.

Saltwater Chronicles #24

Another one of the most popular species of saltwater gamefish that tops the saltwater fly fisher's dream list are Permit. For best opportunities at this species I travel further south in Florida to pursue this highly sought after gamefish.


Many times I have watched the sunrise over the Spring Creeks of Paradise Valley, and marveled over the first awakening of the of the spring creek, that first rise, or the steam coming off the water due to colder air temperatures. The first sound of the ducks or watching the first flight of the Osprey over the water, the slow but steady growth of daylight and finally the first peep of the sun over the eastern Mountains. Knowing that a new day of fishing adventure had begun and though the fishing is very important to me, the real beauty of the morning and the awakening of nature is something to be enjoyed and treasured every single time you get to experience it.


All through the summer of 2013, though I was busy guiding, my interests for Atlantic Salmon Flies were lingering and growing in my mind. As September rolled around my guiding schedule got slightly loose so I started to look for materials and a textbook to get me started. I contacted the fly-dresser I met in June, explained my situation and what I wanted to do, and asked if we could work together. Our first assignment was Green Highlander.


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