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July 2016

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Midges, Gnats or Smuts have been the curse of anglers for centuries, early on the knowledge about the insects was lacking or in some cases just plain fantasy and though some anglers were gaining a more complete knowledge of the various insects that the trout fed upon centuries would past before the first knowledgeable volume was published.


The boil that consumed my deer hair popper was substantial. I set the hook on an obviously good fish, finning quickly to my left as it dogged toward a partially submerged deadfall. It was a determined fish and a great fish to fight on a glass rod which made me chuckle out loud as it played itself out. Bringing it up on the mesh apron of my tube I admired the colors. A heavy shouldered, bronze breasted fish, I was surprised the big male was still hanging so tight to the edges this late in the season. Letting it slip back into the water, it was kind enough to tail water in my face as a thank you for all my efforts. When behind me I voice chimed in…"Was that a bluegill?"


I missed a week to go fishing. Rain on the days I could go and then I had to put the truck in the shop for brake work. That messed up the fishing. Got the truck on Tuesday and decided that I needed to be out.


My passion for Atlantic Salmon Flies has not waned, rather it is getting stronger. Just like anything else, the more I dress, the better my flies look. Am I getting better? – Perhaps. One thing I'm sure of: I can handle materials much better with more patience and extra time. Along the way I acquired more books. Some of which helped me build skills and mindsets. Also there have been books that offer me imaginary trips to unknown places and rivers, where I'm casting my own salmon flies for Atlantic salmon.


It starts here in the western United States in mid-June in most years and its appearance is greatly anticipated by fly anglers. They come from the far corners of the globe to Montana, Wyoming and Idaho to experience it and only rarely does it disappoint. The yellow haze is caused by the appearance of what has been described as the most important fly hatches in the western states; the insects that comprise the flies commonly referred to as PMD's – Ephemerella infrequens and Ephemerella inermis. [New names – if you care – Ephemerella dorothea infrequens and Ephemerella excrucians] There are also other insects that are a similar yellowish color that hatch during this time of the year, in the east, Midwest and west, but the insects that are called PMD's by anglers are what cause the greatest amount of attention.


I read a variety of fishing literature; from how to books, fly tying manuals, angling fiction and posts on a variety of fishing websites. Since I live in trout country we also have an assortment of local publications that deal either directly or indirectly with outdoor recreation. Recently I picked up one of the local free publications that are prominently placed at the entrance of all the local businesses.


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