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Rick Zieger - Jun 16, 2014

I found this pattern on another forum and decided to try it, as it had worked for many other folks. I have seen it tied many different ways and in various colors.



Hook: size 10
Thread: to match body
Eyes: bead chain
Tail: marabou, rabbit fur, zelon
Abdomen: small chenille, dubbing
Legs: rubber hackle
Thorax: small chenille or dubbing
Hackle: grizzly
Head: Dubbing around eyes.




1. Attach thread and tie on bead chain eyes

2. Tie in tail material

3. Tie in abdomen.  Here it is wool roving

4. Tie in rubber legs. You can match body color or contrast

5. Wrap dubbing or chenille over legs and the form thorax

6.  Wrap hackle. This can be sparse or full. It can also be wrapped so it tilts back toward the bend

7. Wrap dubbing in front of hackle and around bead chain eyes to form head

Here are two others with different colors and materials.

I fished the yellow one recently to see how well it would work. I caught over 100 fish on it in a pond. I took lots of crappie, some nice bluegills and several bass up to about 4 lbs. I decided that I would have to try other colors.


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