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Tom Deschaine - Jan 27, 2014

The Ephoron hatch in Michigan takes place in the latter part of August and runs through September.  Here in Michigan we have both species of the insect.  It is one of my all-time favorite hatches.  I have seen hatches so heavy that you would think you're in the middle of a snow blizzard.  It's normally the last hatch I fish … come September I usually hang up the rod and pull out the typewriter.  As a fly tyer, the biggest problem I've always found is trying to duplicate the color of the Ephoron.  No matter how hard I try … I just can't develop a pattern that is white enough.  The pattern I present to you today fits the bill!



Lay in a good base of tying thread.  Tie in your porcupine guard hairs in a V pattern tied longer than normal. Secure with thread.  Now run your thread forward to the location on the shank of the hook where you are going to tie in the wing.


Tie in your calf body wing, post style.


Normally one would tie in the hackle last.  On this pattern I have chosen to tie it in now; allowing me to dub over the exposed stem of the hackle fiber.


Dub in your thorax. Originally the creator used a different dubbing but later changed it to the newer 'Superfine' dubbing material.

He also used a dubbing loop. Leave your thread directly behind the eye once the dubbing has been secured.


Wrap in your hackle, parachute style.  Secure with thread.  Be generous with head cement.  Although the original was tied in a size #14 I also carry it in both a #12 and #16.


The pattern was developed by the late Al Rockwood (1922-2009) from Muskegon, Michigan.  It was developed in the late 70s or early 80s.  Al ran a mail order business called, "Flies for Michigan."  He started tying flies at around the age of 12 and developed many famous fly patterns.  He was an active TU member and helped to found the Muskegon-White River Chapter here in Michigan.  He was honored with the Mr. Trout Award from this Chapter in 2003.

See you on the water…..

Tom Deschaine
~ www.michigandryflies.net ~


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