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Ralph Long - Nov 18, 2013

The REC (Ralph's Emerging Caddis) is a simple but extremely effective emerger pattern to tie. It was originally tied with this dubbed abdomen color to match the emergent caddis flies on Pennsylvania's Tulpehocken Creek. However, has since proven itself on countless waters with the abdomen color tied to match any particular hatch encountered. When changing colors, I always utilize the same dubbing materials in order to maintain the intended translucency. I fish this pattern beneath an indicator most often, but it does equally as well dead-drift with a Leisenring-lift applied to the tail of the drift.


Hook: #12-16 Standard Scud
Thread: Black 6/0 Uni-thread
Bead: Gold Tungsten
Abdomen: Blend 50/50% Highland Green Icelandic & Olive Dun Poly
Wing: Wood Duck
Hackle: Wood Duck dyed CDC
Thorax: Peacock Ice-dub

Install the bead on the hook and wrap an even thread underbody

Dub the abdomen beginning at the point on the shank in line with the barb of the hook, to a point approximately one bead-width behind the bead.

Tie in the wood duck fiber wing approximately one shank-length (it should extend past the bend of the hook slightly).

Tie in the CDC feather at the base of the quill, wrapping 2 full turns from the tip. Tie off and wind back over, sweeping the fibers back as you go.

Dub a substantial thorax, whip finish and head cement.

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