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Alan Bithell - Oct 7, 2013

There is a sea loch near me called Loch Fleet. It is great for sea trout (sea run browns). They hang around the weed beds so I wanted something reasonably weed less for them. Some time ago I bought some living nymph hooks with the intention of tying my Bi-Colour Nymphs on them. When I received them they were just too big and heavy for the nymphs. However, they are perfect as bend back hooks.

The wing is made up of a material I discovered some months ago. It is similar to a lot of the fibres sold for this job but much finer. It takes marker pen really well if you want it coloured. Also the price is a fraction of what the fly tying materials cost.



bend back sand eel
Start by winding your weight on the bend of the hook. You could use copper wire if you don't have lead.

bend back sand eel

bend back sand eel
Change the position of the hook in your vice so that the front of the shank is level and the hook upside down.

bend back sand eel
Start the thread, and tie in a few strands of crystal flash. Mine is black and red. I would like red and pearl but can't get it.

bend back sand eel
Now surround these with Ramie Top. The Ramie is an Asiatic plant similar to kapok but much finer. I get mine from www.thefeltbox.co.uk.

bend back sand eel
Measure it for length, and tie it.

bend back sand eel
Add a couple of strands of crystal flash to either side.

bend back sand eel

Then some peacock herls along the top. If you have them long herls from peacock swords are stronger.

bend back sand eel
Trim out the excess and bind everything down nice and neat. Whip finish. Coat with UV resin or

bend back sand eel
Add the eyes to either side, and coat them with UV resin or

bend back sand eel
You can leave it at this stage but I add more UV resin over one eye

The idea here is to upset the balance of the fly, so it wiggles when you pull it. What I am trying to imitate is a wounded sand eel. That's why I like some red in it.

This is not a large fly, which is why I use the Ramie Top for the wing. It is only about 2 ½ to 3 inches long. I find it a good size for our sea trout. On our last trip one accounted for a mackerel for Mike my fishing partner. They go some on a 5 weight rod. Great sport!

Tight Lines,

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