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Henk Huising - Jul 29, 2013

The Paraloop fly looks more difficult to tie than it is in reality. This fly is quite easy to tie, and there are just a few materials needed to tie this fly.

This fly can be tied in different ways, and if you tie this fly with a hook with a curved shank e.g.: TMC200R or Daiichi 1270, you've got an emerger imitation.


Tying thread: UNI 6/0 of 8/0 in fitting color
Standard dry fly hook: size 14 to 18
Brown and  Grizzle hackle
Fine Dubbing in the two the colors you want to use to tie your fly


Put on your tying thread and make at the end of the shank a small bulge with your tying thread

Take a few fibers and tie them in on top of the hook shank.
Make a tapered body with dubbing

Make three loops with your tying thread
Tie in two hackles with the same length

Pull the loops tight again, and hackle the hackles to above and down, take care that this will be become a fraction longer than the rest of the hook shank, and secure the hackles with a few windings at the underside, and cut the rest of the hackles off.



Add a bit fine dubbing and make a Thorax.

Make your fingers a little bit wet, and pull back the fibers and tie in the loops.

Put some windings tying thread on the loops, and pull the hackle something to fit tightly at the thorax, and then tie the fly off using a whip finish.

Wish you a lot of fun with tying and a good catch!
Henk Huising (Inderk)

My name is Henk Huising (Inderk), from the Netherlands (Europe)
Fly fishing and tying since approx. 2002
Fishing mates call me often "Kermit" because of my Kermit green waders which I wear.(Kermit fly tying is a small joke) ;-)
I often say "Fishing is not a fashion show" fishing clothing must be functional and comfortable. 

Color and brand are not important to me.

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