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Alan Bithell - Jan 28, 2013

Surprisingly this version of my ByColour Nymph is easier to tie than the original; perhaps because the materials go on in a more traditional sequence.

For clarity I have tied this example on a long shank size 12 hook. The ones I tie to use myself are usually on size 16 or smaller Swimming Nymph hooks.


Reverse tied by colour nymph
First modify your hook to give the swimming nymph profile. Lay a good bed of thread along the hook shank and well around the bend.

Reverse tied by colour nymph
Measure and tie in a good bunch of pheasant tail fibres. They should be long enough to form the back and tail. Trim off the butt ends at an angle where you will form the abdomen. This will help create a nicely tapered abdomen.

Reverse tied by colour nymph
Dub the thorax, here I've used well mixed hare's ear.

Reverse tied by colour nymph
Tie in the rib; here I've used red coloured copper wire for clarity. You can use any colour wire you like. If you are going to use any material for the abdomen tie that in now. On larger flies I use bleached and dyed yellow pheasant tail, you could dub it or use floss. On my usual smaller flies I use the tying thread to form the abdomen.

Reverse tied by colour nymph
Advance the thread in touching turns to a little way behind the eye. Then wind the body material. Tie it off and trim out the excess. Whip finish and trim out your thread.

Reverse tied by colour nymph
Pull the pheasant tail over the top of the fly (like you would a shell back) and secure it with the ribbing wire.

Reverse tied by colour nymph
When you get to the eye, lift the tail and form a couple of half hitches with the wire. Worry off the wire and apply a little head cement for extra security. Trim out the excess pheasant tail tips to leave the tail you want.

Reverse tied by colour nymph
There you have it.

If you want a weighted version add lead (or lead free) wire under the thorax area.


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