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Steven H. McGarthwaite - Mar 26, 2012

Skip Morris in his introduction of the Carrot Nymph fly pattern article )From The Art of Tying the Bass Fly, Frank Amato Publications), gave credit to Eno Bradner's book "Northwest Angling", and stating that this is a panfish fly pattern, even though it also is effective for bass…

Skip Morris's Carrot Nymph FOTW article

As for myself, I have caught crappies, sunfish, smallmouth bass, largemouth bass, and even trout on the Carrot Nymph, but the only difference is I have simplified the material and the amount of time dressing the hook. No Partridge, no flat gold tinsel, no orange dubbing for the body using a dubbing loop.

Neither Skip or for that fact Eno Bradner are credited with being the originator of the Carrot Nymph.

Simplified Carrot Nymph



Step 1 - Dress the Hook. Wrap the hook holding the tag end of the thread above or below, the hook shank at a 45º angle toward the rear of the hook, your choice.

Step 2 - Flatten your non-lead wire, and wrap from in front of the hook spear to just behind the eye of the hook. Leave open space for tie-off of chenille and hen hackle.

You have two choices (A) remove the tag end, (B) keep the tag end and counter-wrap the tag end forward after wrapping the chenille for the body portion.

Step 3 - Attach the orange chenille to the top of the hook shank, securing with palmered thread wraps with thread toward the rear of the hook shank, stop just above the point of the hooks spear.

Wrap chenille forward, and tie off.

Step 4 - Secure the orange hen hackle to the hook shank [ see"Tying Tip"]
And tie off.


Using the orange thread build up a good size head, and tie off with a whip finish. 

Closing Remarks:

Orange colored fly patterns are great when the water has a brown coloration, either from tamarack swamps, or the result of muddy water runoff from heavy rainfalls. No matter the situation, remember we are trying to catch something that has a brain the size of a pea… ~Parnelli

PS:  Other colors of chenille are also using effective following the "Carrot Nymph" instructions.


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