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Jack Murray - August 15, 2011

The Tagarti is a modified Woolly Bugger. It's the result of my trying to get a bobbing up and down motion to the fly when using a short fast jerky retrieve. So we got a Bobbed Tail.

The way in which the tail material is tied on to the hook shank is an important part of the flies action in the water. Tying in the tail material in this manner adds buoyancy to the fly that allows it to be fished just below the surface and this seems to attract the trout. I believe the Bobbed Tail also enhances its appeal.

An American friend tried the Tagarti on Bass on a trip back to the states and he tells me the bass just loved this fly.

It has also produced well when fished on a sinking line in Lakes.  Have Fun.  Jax




..\SxS Flies Cropped\Tagarti\IMG_2285.jpg STEP 1 Wrap Hook shank with thread from eye to bend and back to near eye


..\SxS Flies Cropped\Tagarti\IMG_2286.jpg STEP 2: Tie in Tail Material with firm wraps working back to the bend


..\SxS Flies Cropped\Tagarti\IMG_2287.jpg STEP 3: Clip Tail to size and clip excess material around eye. I clip the tail this way to impart a bobbing up and down movement to the fly during the retrieve. The fish love it!!


..\SxS Flies Cropped\Tagarti\IMG_2290.jpg STEP 4: Tie in Body Hackle


..\SxS Flies Cropped\Tagarti\IMG_2292.jpg STEP 5: Tie in Brown Chenille for body and run thread up to near the eye


..\SxS Flies Cropped\Tagarti\IMG_2293.jpg STEP 6: Wrap the Chenille toward the eye in close tight turns and tie off. Clip excess from around eye


..\SxS Flies Cropped\Tagarti\IMG_2294.jpg STEP 7: Spiral wrap the Body Hackle in tight turns forward toward the eye and tie off securely


..\SxS Flies Cropped\Tagarti\IMG_2295.jpg STEP 8: Tie in the Head Hackle


..\SxS Flies Cropped\Tagarti\IMG_2296.jpg STEP 9: Spiral the Head Hackle back toward the bend One third of the Body


..\SxS Flies Cropped\Tagarti\IMG_2298.jpg STEP 10: Now wrap the remainder of the Head Hackle Toward the eye and tie off


..\SxS Flies Cropped\Tagarti\IMG_2299.jpgSTEP 11: Tie in Six to eight Whisks from a Pea Cock Sword the same height as the Hackle Whisks


..\SxS Flies Cropped\Tagarti\IMG_2300.jpg STEP 12: Clip excess materials from around the eye and tidy the head up.


..\SxS Flies Cropped\Tagarti\IMG_2301.jpg STEP 13: Whip Finish the head and clip the thread and apply Head Cement




..\..\..\Desktop\Magazine Flies\Tagarti.jpg
Jax Tagarti

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