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Jack Murray - April 25, 2011

FULL MOON! OH NO! This is the lament of many fly fishers who feel that the moon light spoils their fishing.

Well this Fly can and has on numerous occasions proved to be a good fish fetcher for me.

My reasoning is that if the moon turns the night to day. Then fish as though it is daylight.

Give it a try and the beauty of this fly is that it is just as effective in real daylight.




Step 1_edited-1.jpg STEP 1
Wrap hook shank with thread from the eye to the start of the hook bend


Step 2_edited-1.jpg STEP 2
Spiral the thread back toward the eye for 2/3 of shank length.


Step 3_edited-1.jpg STEP 3
Catch in tail material where thread was left hanging


Step 4_edited-1.jpg STEP 4           
Tie in tail material back toward bend


Step 5_edited-1.jpg STEP 5
Clip excess tail material and cut tail to size


Step 6_edited-1.jpg STEP 6
Spiral thread toward eye and catch in Tail topping material


Step 7_edited-1.jpg STEP 7
Tie in tail topping material back along shank to start of the bend then spiral thread back to front tie off point.


Step 8_edited-1.jpgSTEP 8
Clip excess tail topping material and Catch in Wire for ribbing


Step 9_edited-1.jpg STEP 9
Tie in wire ribbing and secure


Step 10_edited-1.jpgSTEP 10
Tie in a strip of Aurora Skirt fluorescent material at start of bend


Step 11_edited-1.jpg STEP 11
Wrap Aurora Skirt strip forward to tie off point Overlapping each Second wrap to give a ribbed effect. Tie off and secure


Step 12_edited-1.jpg STEP 1 2
Spiral the wire rib forward Anti Clockwise following the raised rib edge of the body. Clip any excess material               


Step 13_edited-1.jpg STEP 13
Tie in a strip of White Poly Yarn material for the wing. Allow a bit of overhang at the tail end for trimming later. Clip excess material


Step 14_edited-1.jpgSTEP 14
Tie in Five or Six strands of Opal Crystal Flash as a wing topping and trim to suite wing length


Step 15_edited-1.jpgSTEP 15
Tie in a short length of Crystal Chenille for the head


Step 16_edited-1.jpg STEP 16
Wrap three tight turns of the Crystal Chenille toward the eye. The first turn of chenille, should be hard up against the base of the wing material Stroke the chenille fibres back toward the bend at each turn. Tie off and secure


Step 17_edited-1.jpgSTEP 17
Trim excess chenille and tidy the head area


Step 18_edited-1.jpg STEP 18
Whip Finish the head


Step 19_edited-1.jpg STEP 19
Clip thread and apply head cement. I also put one or two drops of head cement on top at the place where the head and wing join


Step 20_edited-1.jpg STEP 20
Trim the tailing edge of the wing to a slightly rounded profile tidy up as necessary, then Go Fishing.

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