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THE SPARROW (modified)

Tim Anderson - January 24, 2011

Some years ago I discovered a fly called the Sparrow which was created by Jack Gartside. I tied some and had success with them. As time went by the sparrow was forgotten until I saw a fly called the Birds Nest. It kindled my memories of the Sparrow so I looked into the achieves of FAOL's Fly of the Week for the pattern.. The Sparrow was not included. I believe it is well worth including in your fly box. Here is my version of the sparrow.


FOTW - The Sparrow - January 24, 2011

In photo #1 is the ingredients I use in tying the sparrow The feathers are from a pheasant. Note the little piece of a straw on the bobbin. Also a completed fly is in this photo.


FOTW - The Sparrow - January 24, 2011

Place hook in vise and add weight if desired. Advance thread to rear of hook & attach the large feather with several tight turns.

FOTW - The Sparrow - January 24, 2011

With the thread still at the rear of the hook take the large feather and twist it several turns and wrap it along the hook shank to form the body. Then take your thread and palmer it through the body. This will increase the flies durability.

FOTW - The Sparrow - January 24, 2011

Prepare your hackle feather as shown.

FOTW - The Sparrow - January 24, 2011

Tie in your hackle as shown.

FOTW - The Sparrow - January 24, 2011

Now take the after-shaft feather and attach it by its butt. This feather is fragile and care must be taken not to break it. I wrap the feather so my final wrap is next to the hackle as is the thread. Then I palmer the thread through the after-shaft to give added durability to the fly. Now I take that little piece of straw and slide it up the thread onto the after-shaft. This helps in keeping the tiny barbs of the after-shaft from being caught in the thread while you are tying the head.

FOTW - The Sparrow - January 24, 2011FOTW - The Sparrow - January 24, 2011

The completed fly. This pattern differs from the original in the tail and the body.

I hope you find a use for this version of the Sparrow. Thanks to Bob Donivan for his assistance with the photos.

Tim Anderson

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