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Ralph Longhunter - May 10, 2010

This Bivisible pattern has survived the test of time on the water, and is a permanent fixture in my box. I began tying the Brown/Grizzly version with a heavy moose body hair tail to add better floatability. It has fished extremely well for me over the years. It’s a very basic pattern to tie and has become one of my most productive search patterns. It can be easily trimmed to adjust its position in the film by V-notching the grizzly hackle as well. This pattern simply catches fish when others catch more fishermen.


Stage#1:  Clean and stack your moose body hair twice the volume of a normal dry fly tail & tie in normal dry fly fashion at 1 shank length. 

Stage#2:  Prepare and tie in a Brown hackle at the tie-in point of the tail, and move the thread forward creating an even and level abdomen.

Stage#3:  Palmer the brown hackle forward evenly spacing each wrap to the end of the abdomen.

Stage#4:  Prepare and tie in your Grizzly hackle & build an even and level thorax.

Stage#5:  Wrap a tight hackle, build your head & tie off.


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