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Tom Deschaine- Mar 26, 2012

Everyone likes to invent things and that includes me. Here's my latest contribution to the fly fishing community  I've always thought it would be really neat to treat a large quantity of flies all at the same time with a fly floatant rather then the one-at-a-time method most of us use.

I've come up with a special container that not only allows you to treat a large quantity of flies at the same time but also allows you to control the amount of floatant that you want to saturate the fly with. It's simple in construction and cheap to make!

The fly soaker

The instructions will vary depending on what materials you have available to you. I will describe what I have done, but you may need to modify my instructions.

I started with a one pint, large mouth 'Ball' canning jar (tapered in design). I then went to a hardware store and purchased a disposal strainer. The average plumbing department will have several similar objects that can be substituted.

The fly soakerI knew in advance that I was going to glue the plastic disposal strainer into the glass jar so I purchased a silicone sealant to do the job. Aquarium silicone cement or a variety of other glues could be used. Your choice of a sealant or glue will depend on the chemicals in your floatant solution. Do not select glue that will be dissolved by your floatant. 
The idea is to prop up a porous platform ½" to 1" from the bottom of the container. I can now pour my fly floatant into the bottom of the container and place my flies on top of the platform. 

The fly soaker I then took the plastic disposal strainer and ground it down to the approximate size I needed so that it would rest at the right height in the jar. In this case I ground it down a little too much so I built up the diameter of the strainer by adding a rubber band to the outer circumference of my platform. Once the desired height is achieved, I simply take a sealant or glue and attach the plastic ring into the glass jar. Allow the glue to set up overnight. Your new 'fly soaker' is now ready to go.


The fly soakerAdd the liquid floatant to the container then put in the flies! Place the lid on and shake.  The flies will be coated with a layer of your floatant material and the excess fluid will return to the bottom of the container under the platform. Once the flies have absorbed the fluid and dried. Shake them again. You can add as many coats of floatant as you want. When finished, remove the flies and seal the jar containing the remainder of the fluid so it will be there for the next time you need it.  


See you on the water…..

Tom Deschaine
~www.michigandryflier.net ~
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