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Thank You!
By George E. Emanuel

For the last couple of years you have been reading and enjoying the fruits of my efforts in turning out this weekly Tying Tips column.

This has truly been a labor of love, one which has been most gratifying to me; it will be difficult to leave behind.

The opportunity to share the knowledge we have acquired is the essence of who we are and what we are to become. Not only in flyfishing, but also in life. We should never delude ourselves, we are only a small part of a magnificent whole, which is the great fraternity we are privileged to share.

In so far as I have been able to help you gain in the knowledge of our art, I am happy to have been of some service. However, the knowledge I have gained, and the experience we have shared over the past two years has truly been an honor.

Many of you have written with suggestions, tips and questions. To the extent possible I have dealt with each one and some very interesting things have resulted from our interaction. We have truly becoming a global community.

To Jim and Deanna, who bring you this website, I say thank you for the forum to exchange and share ideas.

It is my fervent hope that Tying Tips will continue, and I may enjoy weekly the fun of seeing a new idea, or a revival of an old one right here on Fly Anglers OnLine under the banner of Tying Tips.

I am going fishing and do a lot of research for future articles, some of which you may see right here.

Thank you all for your enthusiasm and encouragement. ~ George
Publishers Note: We plan to continue this column, and we could use your help! If you have any tips or techniques, please send them to:

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