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What Is It? - Answers
By George E. Emanuel

What is it?

Well, as I said last week I was really letting the worms out of the ole bait pail last week when we put up this picture and asked you to identify what it was, and what it is used for as well as it' origin and possible substitute materials.

There were some very interesting answers submitted, and, some of you may have a future in writing. The imagination shown by you was truly amazing.

One guess as to material was a "Cuttlefish," great guess but not the one which we sought.

Another was an aspirin for one of his wife's headaches. Based on past experience I think we will let that one lie right where it is thank you!

As to it's purpose it was suggested that it might restore regularity to a distressed pachyderm. I sure as heck am not anxious to clean that up.

Sources were also varied and ran the gamut.

There were many of you however who did in fact submit the correct answer to all four of our questions.

The correct answers are:

    A. A pumice stone.

    B. Used to remove burrs and rough skin from your hands and fingers before tying.

    C. Primarily floss, but can be used in conjunction with any material that may get caught on rough skin.

    D. The material is Volcanic in origin.

Some of you added information which is helpful to mention such as, "this can be found more easily in the cosmetic department of a drug store than in a fly shop." This is absolutely true. So if you want a stone go to the drug store. Most fly shops simply do not have them, nor strangely do mail order houses as a rule.

From the many correct answers received a mass drawing was held and one winner was chosen completely at random. (Random is a small stream nearby where we typically catch many great bullfish.)

And the winner is. (Timpani roll please… thank you),
Thom Adams of Pennsylvania!

Thom your prize will be at no small expense to myself, a one of a kind original hand tied by yours truly Fly of the Week. This fly shall remain un-named until it is unveiled right here on FAOL next Monday (Christmas) morning. You should receive this wonderful prize sometime before the New Year. Congratulations and I hope you enjoy your prize.

The rest of you who had the correct answers, and even those of you who should enroll in therapy will be able to make your own copy of Thoms' prize using the easy to follow directions which will be part of the submission for the Christmas week Fly Of The Week!

Now where is my "gee haw whimmy diddle?"

If you have any tips or techniques, send them along, most of this material has been stolen from somebody, might as well steal your ideas too! ~ George E. Emanuel (Chat Room Host Muddler)

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