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Bundle Your Tails
By George E. Emanuel

Moose, Elk Mane and other materials are used as tailing materials in some patterns.

Moose Mane Adams

Normal procedure calls for you to cut a small bunch from the hide, and then to stack the bunch before tying it in. This works great, especially if you are only going to tie one or two flies.

But, if you are going to tie a number of flies, whether at a single sitting or over several days, the following will save you a step or two in tying that next fly.

Cut from the hide a large bunch of hair, many times the size you would use for a single fly. Now place it into your hair stacker and even all of the tips as usual.

Carefully remove the bunch and keeping the ends even, wrap securely with tying thread, making a nice big fat neat bundle of hair.

Now when you need a few strands for your next tail, select a few and cut them from the bunch, and tie them in as usual.

The more flies you tie at a single sitting the more your apparent timesaving will be.

If you do not use your entire "clump" at one time, put it along with others into a Tupper Ware or other sandwich container with others of like construction, and the next time you need that type tail it will be ready and waiting for you to use.

If you have any tips or techniques, send them along, most of this material has been stolen from somebody, might as well steal your ideas too! ~ George E. Emanuel (aka Muddler)

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