Part Eighty-one

Trucos de montaje

Fly Turning Wheel
By J. Castwell

Years ago I ripped of my ex-wife's silverware box for my fly tying stuff; bad move. Yesterday I needed to tie up some epoxy-head streamers for salmon fishing and I didn't want to take all evening to do it. They take some time to make if you don't have a drying wheel so they can set-up round and not a big glob hanging where the head should be. Even with five minute epoxy it takes a while to do each fly. My wife has an indoor rotisserie and I set it up on the kitchen counter with a disc shaped hunk of closed cell foam on the shaft and put my flies on it to dry.

This morning it occurred to me that I may have 'stepped in it' again. I dug out an old motor from a defunct outdoor barbecue I had and fashioned this thing. The shaft is also from the old one, a hack-saw shortened it to the proper length. As it wanted to tip over, I strapped it to a small hunk of steel beam I had taking up space in the garage. Total cost, nothing, and may have saved a marriage; although nothing was said about the rotisserie last night, some odd looks did occur. ~ JC

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