Part Seventy-eight

Trucos de montaje

Dot Your Eyes - Part 2
By George E. Emanuel

Last week we learned a neat easy way to get very nice well-defined eyes on our flies. This week is really a continuation of that lesson.

If you practiced the lesson of last week, and did the exercise, you now have a little notebook or piece of paper with various size eyes, made with a variety of drill bits.

The next step is to quit practicing and get some eyes onto your streamers.

Before you try putting the eyes directly onto the bare thread, stop! The paint will naturally try to bleed into the thread fibers, which is great for permanence, but not real good for neatness. We have a method for making a well-defined eye, so let's not blow it by skipping a very easy step.

Take a bottle of Sally Hansens 'Hard As Nails' and paint (seal or prime) the head of the fly with a thin coat. This will seal everything nicely and give a great base for a really neat eye.

Now using our two-bit technique, dot your eyes in place. Remember proportion and color should resemble the baitfish you are trying to mimic.

After you have gotten your eyes on the fly you can insure they are as permanent as possible by applying a second coat of "Hard As Nails" over the finished head and eyes. This will insure that you get the maximum wear out of your new eyes.

This two-bit technique can also be applied to the cheek feather of such flies as the immortal Gray Ghost to give them a real eye. Just be sure to seal the area where the eye will be placed with some 'Hard As Nails' and have at it!

Now that your streamers have eyes, they can see where they are going. All you need to do is get them in front of a fish.

If you have any tips or techniques, send them along, most of this material has been stolen from somebody, might as well steal your ideas too! ~ George E. Emanuel (Chat Room Host Muddler)

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