Part Sixty-two

Trucos de montaje

More On Magnets
By George E. Emanuel

This week's Tying Tip is compliments of Ted Trostle of State College, Pennsylvania. Ted is an avid fly fisher with such notable streams as Spring Creek, Fishing Creek, Penns Creek, Spruce Creek, and others of somewhat less notoriety at his doorstep.

With all of this going for him, he is also a great guy, and always willing to help a fellow angler get into some nice fish on his home waters.

After the recent Fish In, he submitted this tip for keeping your hooks at the ready on the bench.

Ted first bends down the barb on his barbed hooks. He then places them on a magnet on his bench.

By counting out say six of size such and such and pinching the barbs at once, he has eliminated any need to go back and count how many flies he has tied. He knows before he starts that when the magnet is empty he has done six flies!

Some manufacturers even supply a free magnetic "patch" with their flies, which you can attach to your bench for hook control.

Once tied his flies go into a fly box, happily awaiting the opportunity to be devoured by a healthy Brown or perhaps delightfully sipped by a Native Brookie.

Thanks Ted, for a great tip, and even more for great week, we will definitely have to do it again! ~ George E. Emanuel (Chat Room Host Muddler)

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