Part Fourty-three

Making Stick-On Eyes Stick
By George E. Emanuel

No one can dispute the fact that eyes are a definite asset when applied to your flies, especially those used in Salt Water, or for Bass. For whatever reason these fish darn near demand eyes.

Most fish when capturing or eating a smaller fish will do so head first. It is probable that these predators rely on the eye of their prey for orientation. Apparently there is more to this than theory as Red Drum (Redfish) usually have one large black spot on their tail. This it is said is to confuse bigger fish as to which end is really which, head or tail.

We can safely make the presumption that fish therefor like eyes, and when possible our flies should have them properly placed. Properly as they are not always on the very front of a food item, for example squid.

Bluefish and Striped Bass for whatever reason absolutely love plain white poppers stripped steadily on the surface. Nothing fancy, just a white body with a white tailing. Perhaps a bit of pearl flash, but not too much.

Anyhow, the bodies and tailings are not a problem, nor are the eyes, at least until we start fishing these poppers.

If you will do everything exactly the same as usual, including the application of your Mylar eyes, but having applied the eyes, add one final touch.

Sally Hanson makes a product called "Hard As Nails" for strengthening women's fingernails. This stuff is tough. It contains a nylon material that really makes it strong! You get it where women by their fingernail polish and supplies, or perhaps there is already some in the house. Just remember, the idea to borrow hers was entirely your own!

Now, paint a coat or several over the Mylar Eyes and the surrounding area of your popper. You can do the entire body if you like, but it is not necessary.

Several coats are better than one. This is one time when more really is OK.

Let your fly dry and take it fishing. You will be amazed at how much better the eyes hold up.

Chances are your fly will be pretty well beat up before the eyes disappear. But, your arm will probably be too tired to care from all of the fish you land!

If you have any tips or techniques, send them along, most of this material has been stolen from somebody, might as well steal your ideas too!~ George E. Emanuel (Chat Room Host Muddler)

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