A Dumbell Idea
By John E. Eaton, Knoxville, TN (bassman)

I have always had trouble when I wanted to paint eyes on Dumbells. How to get them to stand up after you have painted one side, so that you can paint the other side. Then you have to wait for one side to dry, hoping that they will not fall over while drying.

This may have been posted before I do not know but I think this is a good tip.

I took a piece of scrap Red Oak I had laying around and drilled 13 holes in it, in the size of the dumbells I am painting then put them in each hole, paint one side when the paint dries turn them over and paint the other side.

I have fixed it so that I can do 13 at one time.

You're not trying to hold each one as you paint them. In my opinon this makes it much easier and faster. Hope others will find this a good tip.

Since I sent this I have drilled a line of holes in the wood for each size of dumbell that I use.

Thanks to JC and LF for all that they do for us. ~ John (bassman)

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