Bead Chain Again
By Kim Bowman

When I tie in bead chain eyes I leave the chain WHOLE and just tie in the last two "eyes" with a couple diagonal turns - THEN cut the chain - then finish tying the eyes. This allows me to #1) NOT chase down the eyes as they fly around the house and #2) the long side gives me a great handle when tying those first couple of turns.

I buy either 3'-4' lengths that are pre-cut/pre-packaged in the Lights Department at my local hardware store. If you find a store that sells it right off the roll - HEAVEN! Buy ~3' to 4' and you can have a lifetime supply for a couple of dollars and there is usually a couple of different sizes to choose from.

Also, if a local company is remodeling and has the blinds with the extra-large bead chain that they are getting rid of -- well, I always like free tying materials - especially hard to find items! ~ Kim Bowman

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