Hook Storage
By Wayne Bayles (new2thefly), Cranbury, NJ

I have stolen this idea from several others and feel the need to pass it on...

Using a standard business card and a thin refrigerator magnet, I have a way to move them easily from my hook box to the tying area. Further, this allows a place to write the hook information so I know what I am supposed to have on the card.

(1) and (2) below are the basic building blocks. I spray paint the reverse of the magnet white to let me see the hooks easier.

(3) is the painted and trimmed magnet. Note it is half the size of the business card.

Turn the business card over so the back is up and fold in half (4). Using a glue stick (5) glue the magnet to the card. (6) shows the completed assembly. While you can't see it the hook information is written on the top half of the card. These fit very neatly in the Flambeau box I use for hook storage.

Tight lines, ~ Wayne Bayles (new2thefly), Cranbury, NJ

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