Construction Materials
By Lloyd Metcalf, ME

Its true that when one starts tying flies everything is in danger, the dog, the cat, the birds in the yard...who knows.

Well construction materials have proven most useful for me.

While insulating a part of my home I had some pieces of 2 or 3 inch thick foam board style insulation left over. An idea flashed in my head with my messy fly tying table.

I cut this foam board into 3 or 4 squares. One I drilled 18 big holes in to hold all my permanent markers upright. Another I stuck my scissors into (protecting the tips) and then began poking in my bobbins, hackle pliers, bodkins, whip finisher and various other tools.

This not only works great to organize but protect.

Then I had a bunch of multiple colored goose wing feathers, turkey quills and what not lying around. Heavy feathers like this just poke right into the foam. No more jumbling through piles of feathers for wing case material or biots and what not.

Now my tying table is clear for a whole new bunch of clutter! ~ Lloyd Metcalf, Buxton, ME

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