By Evan Newman (rawfish)

When preparing wing cases made out of slips of feather from a quill (turkey, duck, goose etc), many tiers recommend that you coat the feather slips in head cement (or spray fixative etc...) and also recommend that you prepare a number of them at the same time.

I found this to be the easiest way to prepare a bunch of wingcases.

I cut out a bunch of feather slips in the same size (using the hook gape method mentioned in the Benchside Reference Introduction)...I then take a large binder clip (those black clips lawyers like to use, they are very cheap and available anywhere) and hold all the slips in one clip in a row. It's then very easy to coat them all in cement or spray them. The handles of the clip are very convenient to hang on a hook or anywhere on your bench. If you prepare different sizes, you can label each separate clip. This keeps the slips straight and out of the way while they dry and allows you to store them easily for later use. ~ Evan Newman (rawfish)

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