Easier Rubber Legs
By dmdmd, Longmeadow, MA

There is a great warmwater pattern as the FAOL Fly of the Week this week called Sam's One Bug. Warren does a great job with the instructions.

One word of caution ("don't ask me how I know!) when it comes to using needles to pass legs through materials--if possible start the first leg through and leave the needle within the body of the foam, then take a second needle with the leg loaded and pass in the opposite direction through the foam. When the needles have both been passed then pull the legs through.

If you do them one at a time you run the risk of cutting the first leg in two with the second passing of only one needle.

A twelve pack of darning needles at the craft store is only a couple of bucks for the greater part of a lifetime of use. Legs are getting expensive to buy! ~ dmdmd

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