Break Your Thread
By Marty Bartholomew

Now what kind of a trick is this? This is a way of learning thread torque. I always suggest to beginners that they break their thread (they usually do anyhow) so they can find out just how tight they can wrap-in a material. All materials should be secured to the hook with as much thread torque as possible: Flies are more durable and fewer wraps of thread are needed to tie it. ~ Marty Bartholomew

Cover, Tying Flies Like A Pro Credits: This Tying Tip is an excerpt from Tying Flies Like A Pro by Marty Bartholomew, published by Frank Amato Publications. Just out, the book has many step-by-step tutorials on all types of flies. It also has good sections on material preparation and 'tricks' of the trade. Many professional tiers contributed their 'name' flies. Softbound, full color, (lots of photos) the book is 184 pages, and priced at $29.95 US. ~ DLB

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