Write Your Own Book
By Marty Bartholomew

Randy Smith suggests preparing your own pattern book. Keep track of your own material lists. As a pro tier, delivering consistent flies to the shop owner will make your life much easier. Speciality flies are not uncommon amongst fly shops. They all have their special patterns, colors, or hook styles. Keeping track of these patterns in your head will lead to many challenges.

If you develop a pattern that works very well with a certain color or material that makes it unique to you, make notes so you will not forget how to put the pattern together.

Add notes concerning any brainstorms about tying the fly, preparing the materials, thread choice, and durability. ~ Marty Bartholomew

Cover, Tying Flies Like A Pro Credits: This Tying Tip is an excerpt from Tying Flies Like A Pro by Marty Bartholomew, published by Frank Amato Publications. Just out, the book has many step-by-step tutorials on all types of flies. It also has good sections on material preparation and 'tricks' of the trade. Many professional tiers contributed their 'name' flies. Softbound, full color, (lots of photos) the book is 184 pages, and priced at $29.95 US. ~ DLB

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