Easy Crease Fly Bodies
By Don Rolfson

First I get my foam sheet, Mylar sheet and cutting wheel.

Notice the foam has a sticky back. This makes it much easier to attach the Mylar sheet.

I cut off a strip of foam just a bit longer than the bodies I am making. I cut the Mylar sheeting just a bit larger to make applying it to the foam a little easier.

Peel the backing off of the foam to expose the sticky coating and apply it to the Mylar sheet. I have found that if I do not want wrinkles and air bubbles between the foam and Mylar, it works best to begin at one end and apply in one direction, kind of rolling it onto the Mylar sheet.

I then cut off a strip of the coated foam in the size I need and draw or trace the shape of my crease fly body.

I then cut out the shape, add eyes, and I am ready to go. Sometimes I will add stick on doll eyes or something, but usually just draw them with a permanent marker. Then when they wear off I can just redraw them and continue fishing.

In this manner, you can easily whip out a bunch of bodies and have a good supply of crease flies very quickly. Have Fun! ~ Don

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