Part Thirty-five

Squeaky and Jumpy Bobbins
By George E. Emanuel

Fingernails on a blackboard.

The mere suggestion makes your blood run cold doesn't it?

Well a squeaky bobbin may not make that happen, but it can be just as annoying, and distracting.

Most bobbins are made well enough. Even the cheapest will do the job they are designed to do, if used properly.

The aggravating squeaks we hear are caused by the plastic bobbin that our tying threads are stored on.

Plastic in spite of its' versatility, is not a precision material, particularly when formed into thread spools. There are many imperfections in almost any spool you pick up. Most fortunately do not cause any problem, but once in awhile a real nasty one will sneak through.

The squeaking bobbin is annoying enough, but, the sticky bobbin will drive you crazy.

These "sticky" bobbins will break your thread with no warning and for no apparent reason. Things will be going well and all of a sudden you will have that sick feeling you only get when your thread breaks in mid tie. Of course you can just tie back on and keep on tying, but, you have done that ten times already.

Well, we can solve both problems at one time.

Get a plain old candle, unless you like colors, or perfumed candles. I use tapers personally but feel free to use any type that will accomplish the purpose.

Pick up your bobbin and rub your candle on the edges of the hole where the bobbin rides.

This will "lubricate" the plastic and remove the squeaks and smooth the bumps caused by the imperfections in the plastic casting.

Now, you can tie in peace and quiet, and certain your thread won't break due to a nasty ole thread spool.

Of course you can still put too much tension on the spool as you tie and break the thread. However with time and experience, you will eliminate that circumstance as well.

Oh yeah, almost forgot, while you have that candle in your hand, rub the male ferrules of your rod lightly with it to lubricate them. They will come apart easier, and believe it or not they will help it stay together as well. In fact if you have ever had your rod come apart while fishing, lack of ferrule lubrication was the cause.

If you have any tips or techniques, send them along, most of this material has been stolen from somebody, might as well steal your ideas too!~ George E. Emanuel (Chat Room Host Muddler)

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