Tips for Glass Bead Heads
By Ted Leeson and Jim Schollmeyer

Glass beads add shimmer or translucence to a fly without the weight of metal...

Step 1. Slide the bead onto the shank. Mount the tying thread and build a thread bump behind the hook eye. With a flattened thread, lay a foundation rearward that is two layers of thread thick and two bead-widths wide. Position the thread behind the eye.

Step 2: Slide the bead over the thread foundation. If it fits loosely, slide the bead rearward and add more layers of thread until the bead fits snugly. Then whip finish in front of the thread bump, just behind the eye.

Step 3: Reattach the thread behind the bead and build a tapered bump to hold the bead in position and provide foundation for subsequent materials. ~ Ted Leeson and Jim Schollmeyer

Credits: The previous tip is an excerpt from The Benchside Introduction to Fly Tying by Ted Leeson and Jim Schollmeyer, published by Frank Amato Publications.

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