Tips for Woolly Buggers
By Deke Meyer

Optional strands of sparkle material such as Krystal Flash add immense fish appeal to the fly - probably because the sparkle lends a lifelike quality to the Bugger. In case you encounter off-color water, tie some all-black Woolly Buggers with fluorescent blue Flashabou in the tail. Black shows well in dark water,...and since Flashbou is flat, not crinkled like Krystal Flash, it gives off quick, bright flashes of reflected light, and advantage in less-clear water.

When tying the body, make each wrap tight against the previous wrap and try to work the stem of the palmered hackle into the body material. To increase durability, reinforce the hackle with a wire or round tinsel rib, counter-wrapped in the opposite direction as the hackle. If you wrapped the hackle clockwise around the body, then wrap the rib counter-clockwise so it crisscrosses over the hackle stem, locking it tightly to the body.

Marabou shrinks when wet so use about twice as much as you would like the fish to see in the water. (But don't overdo it because too much marabou upsets the way the fly swims in the current.) ~ ZM

Credits: The previous tips are an excerpt from Tying Steelhead Flies, 12 of the Best by Deke Meyer, published by Frank Amato Publications.

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