Neat Dubbing and more
By John Opsatnic

Here are a few tips I use when I tye flies:

    I make my own nymph dubbing by using wool yarn and 2 pieces of the sticky velcro.

    1. Get 2 pieces of the velcro and attach them each to the end of a large popsicle stick.

    2. Then separate your yarn into strands and put the yarn in between the two pieces of velcro and rub the yarn both ways until it looks like a good dubbing.

You can also mix different colors of yarnlike this to get any color of dubbing you want.

Also your local craft store will have a large selection of glass beads called seed beads in all different colors. They come in two different sizes 6/0 and 11/0, 6/0 for larger flies and the 11/0 for smaller flies. ~ John

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