Going to the Grocery Store?
By Betty Hiner

Here are a couple more really simple tips for fly tying, straight from the grocery store.

    1. The LaCross cuticle trimmer (#75920) It's like a nail clipper, but the working edge is angled rather than straight. It gets real close for trimming threads at the tie off, and cleans up any out of place hair or dub fibre. About $1.25.

    2. Hearts Mountain flea comb. Little metal comb set in plastic type handle with ribbed grip. Cleans out under fur from deer hair, for stacking (or wings, or whatever!). About $3.00.

    3. Little plastic cups for condiments (or if you purchase flies, the little cup you get the flies in), when lined with a cupcake paper, makes a great re-usable mixing cup for epoxies. ~ Betty

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