Make Fine Feathered Friends
By Scott Lux (fishlux)

Someone near you has a parrot. Ask around at work, church, the gym or wherever. Someone has an African Gray or Amazon or Macaw or something. They all have feathers. And they all shred wood. A feisty macaw can tear through a perch in a week. Perches cost money. Where am I going with this?

If you have trees, (there a a few specifics) you can supply perches and toys and grateful bird owners will share feathers. Ask the owner what size they'd like, and how they fasten to the cage. Go to a pet shop and look at the examples (check out those prices too). Chunks of wood on a string make great bird toys too. Five minutes with a saw and you could have a new friend.

The specifics:

    Many woods are toxic to parrots. Some that listed as safe are Pear, Apple, Silver Maple, Hawthorne, and Sycamore.

    Different birds need different size perches. An African Gray can be comfortable on 1/4"-1/2" diameter, a large macaw will want 1"-2".

    Molds and bugs can be lethal to birds. Either scrub the wood with bleach or let the bird owner know you did not.

Why should you go to all this trouble? A picture is worth a thousand words.

Above is a picture of Pheasant Tail nymphs in size 12 and 18. Well, actually Amazon Gray Tail nymphs. I think the Bluegill will be all over these. ~ Lux

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