Bobbin Hanger
Nick Nalbone

I received a HMH vise for Christmas as my first rotary vise. I love this vise but was amazed at how much the bobbin hanger cost. I knew I could make something cheaper. So I set the gears turning and came up with this.

All you need to make this valuable tool is a block of Styrofoam, a shirt box (info on this can be found in the "getting organized column), a knife, and assorted tinker toys (a substitute it a thin dowel with a slit in the end). Now for the messy part, if you have a pedestal vise you can just put it on top of the Styrofoam, or as I prefer cut a well in the bottom of the block large enough for the pedestal.

If you have a C-clamp then just jam the stem of the vise through the foam. Now put this into the shirt box, find a dowel that is the proper height(some cutting may be required) now jam this into the foam as far away from the vise as you wish. When you're tying slip the thread into the slit and wind on your hackle etc. ~ Nick Nalbone

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