Hanging Files
Nicholas Nalbone, PA

If you're like me then you are probably looking for better, easier ways to tie flies more efficiently. Hanging files work great for almost every type of fur and feather imaginable.

I use a "hanging file box" that I got from the Staples around the corner for a few dollars, or if you're tying on a desk with a drawer for hanging files you got lucky. You will also need a box of hanging files.

To begin take everything off your desk, take all your fur and feathers and put them into piles, for example put all your necks into one pile and all your saddles into another. Now get the files and the plastic labels.

Label the file and put it and the contents into your box or drawer. You can get very specific in these categories, for example I have four files just for my hackle; hen, saddles, necks, and specialty. Continue this process until all your materials are accounted for.

Another idea would be to get a different colored file for your most commonly used materials, examample; my "necks" and "deer" files are purple. ~ Nicholas Nalbone, PA

Publisher's Note: Nicholas has been tying flies for two years - he is now twelve.

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