Alternative Cement Method
By Ray Kunz

Over the years, I like many others, have tried all sorts of head cements and fixatives to prepare wing cases for nymphs etc. I finally found one that beats them all and was probably known long ago by everyone but me.

The magic stuff is contact cement that is used to attach Formica Kitchen counter tops. It's a hardware store item available in 2 ounce bottles that I dilute a little with lacquer thinner (acetone or nail polish remover). This super rubberlike adhesive can be dabbed onto any feather to make it bulletproof.

Just apply a little and stroke it down along the feather allowing the feather to get much narrower. I've even used dyed hen hackles to make wingcases that are easier to tie in because they are thinner and less likely to split because the fibers are finer. I tie them in with the "quill" attached as a backbone. The bring I usually use is Pliobond. ~ Ray Kunz

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