More Saving Time Tips, continued
By AK Best

More from A.K. Bests', Advanced Fly Tying, chapter on Saving Time:

    23. Get a length of 2-by-4-inch lumber of a length appropriate for your bench and drill three-sixteenth-inch holes (not all the way through!) about 2 inches apart as a place to store spooler bobbins. Keep the bobbins you use most often in the center of your bench where they'll be within easy reach.

    24. Get a shorter piece of 2-by-4-inch lumber to store tools that you'll need on a daily basis, such as tweezers, needlenose pliers, bobbin threader, heavy scissors, Allen wrenches, and so on. Drill holes that best suit your needs. If you store these items in a drawer, You'll have to sort through the drawer each time you need one of time - additional wasted time...

    25. Store seldom-used tools such as small pliers, wire side cutters, screwdrivers, and combs in an extra small-parts drawer. ~ A. K. Best

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