More Saving Time, continued
By AK Best

More from A.K. Bests', Advanced Fly Tying, chapter on Saving Time:

    20. Put a small dab of florist's putty on the bottom of your head lacquer bottle to prevent it from skating all over your work bench - or worse yet, tipping over. You'll need only one hand to grasp the cork/hat pin applicator to apply one tiny drop of head lacquer to a #22 dry fly, since the florist's putty will hold the bottle firmly to your tying bench.

    21. Keep the end of your bobbin tube close to the hook shank as you tie the fly. One inch of thread between the end of the bobbin tube and the hook is plenty. You'll gain greater material and thread placement control, and it's quicker to wrap a 1-inch length of thread around the hook than it is 3 or 4 inches.

    22. Keep the bobbin in your hand after finishing a fly. If you put it down while you take the fly out of the vise and replace it with another hook, you'll only have to pick it up again. That's wasted motion and time. ~ A. K. Best

    To be continued!

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