More Saving Time, continued
By AK Best

More from A.K. Bests', Advanced Fly Tying, chapter on Saving Time:

    12. Store your dubbing blends in stackable round plastic containers that are large enough to attach a label indicating both the color and type of dubbing. Place another label on the back side of each container with the recipe you used to create each shade of dubbing in each container.

    13. Keep all your dry-fly necks, bucktails, squirrel tails, hen necks, turkey and goose quills, dyed quills, peacock eyes- anything that's long and could get bent out of shape - in long plastic sleeves.

    14. Store all of the items in hint 13, above, in plastic shoeboxes that you can label with the contents.

    15. If you use dubbing wax, remove it from the round tube it came in, melt it, and pour it into a flat container with a removable lid that you can attach to your bench with a little dab of florist's putty. Such a container will allow you to merely stroke the surface of the wax with your forefinger once or twice, and you're ready to dub. In most instances, dubbing wax belongs on your thumb and forefinger; this will give you greater control over the material you're tying to attach to the thread. ~ A. K. Best

    To be continued!

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