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Quill-Bodied Nymphs
By AK Best

The Pheasant Tail Nymph and the Baetis Nymph occupy more space in my nymph box than any other nymph patterns. Tying them with the option of fishing them as dry flies has enlarged that space considerably. However, I don't tie them with an elk-hair underbody. My latest version is to make the bodies of both nymphs from stripped and dyed rooster heck hackle quills. An underbody of elk hair creates too much bulk on these slender-bodied nymphs. They lose their gill-like appearance of a dubbed or pheasant tail fiber abdomen, but the loosely dubbed thorax area seems to make up for it.

All flies tied with quill bodies are naturally bouyant and can be fished on the surface all day if a good-quality fly floatant has been applied. The waterproofed quill-bodied nymph will float on the surface film or can be fished at any depth in the water column by adding a little lead substitute putty 14 to 16 inches up on the leader tippet. ~ A. K. Best

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