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Wings Twist While Hackling
By AK Best

This is from A.K. Bests', Advanced Fly Tying, chapter on Tying Yourself Out of Trouble:

There are only three reasons this might happen. The first is that the wings are not firmly attached to the hook and the entire wing assembly twists as you begin to wrap the hackle. In this case, remove the hackle, take four and five very firm turns of the tying thread over the wing tie-down area, and apply a drop of head lacquer. The second and third reasons this might happen are that the hackle stem is tied too close to the base of the wing, or there isn't enough space for another turn of hackle where you'd like to make it. A hackle stem that is too close to the base of the wing will push one wing out of position or (in the case of hen hackle tip wings) cause one wing to twist by trapping a few fibers at its base. Use your bodkin to push the tiny fibers away from the hackle as you continue to wrap. ~ A. K. Best

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