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Bobbin Tube is Fraying Thread
By AK Best

This is from A.K. Bests', Advanced Fly Tying, chapter on Tying Yourself Out of Trouble:

Remove the tying spool of thread from the bobbin and replace it with a spool of Kevlar thread. Thread the Kevlar through the tube, grasp the tag end with your left thumb and forefinger, and rotate the bobbin with the same motion you'd use in wrapping thread on a hook shank. Use lots of tension, and keep the angle between the thread and the bobbin tube at 90 degrees or more. If you notice the Kevlar thread beginning to fray, pull a little more thread through the tube and repeat until there's no more fraying. Rotate the bobbin 180 degrees and repeat the process. The strong Kevlar fibers will polish the inside edge of the end of your bobbin tube and remove any tiny nicks or faults that fray 6/0 and 8/0 thread. Alternatively, you could just get a new bobbin. ~ A. K. Best

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