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Bending Rubber Legs By Al Beatty

This 'tip' appeared on our Bulletin Board this week, and was just too good to lose in the Archives - so here it is:

This past week I spent at the ISE Show in San Mateo, Calif. where Roy Powell (from Danville, Calif.) demonstrated fly tying in my booth for a couple days. He showed me his method of bending/shaping rubber legs that I though was really innovative as I've alway bent them by tying an over-hand knot. Sometimes positioning the knotted leg was a real pain in the ... (you pick the body part!).

Following is Roy's method: Place a small drop of super glue on the tip of a bodkin then apply it to the rubber leg material on the opposite side you want the bend. Let the super glue set for about 15 seconds. Slowly stretch the rubber leg material then slowly allow it to relax. The leg is bent! A gentle stretch forms a 45 degree angle and a more agressive stretch forms a 90 degree bend.

Take care & tight lines. ~ Al Beatty

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