Part Thirty

Easier Caddis and Muddler Heads
By George E. Emanuel

Few flies are as versatile as the Muddler Minnow, nor is any fly as prolific as a caddis, they are found almost everywhere.

One day while tying a bunch of Elk Hair Caddis, and in the process of tying in the deer hair wing, which this pattern requires, I intentionally, by accident stumbled upon this little trick. I say intentionally by accident because I had never seen this trick before and it just sort of happened with no apparent forethought on my part.

Instead of just leaving the bunch of deer hair overhang the front of the hook, which I always did previously, for some reason I picked up my scissors and trimmed it using the eye as a guide, before I tied it in!

This had the effect that when the time came to trim the hair in order to form the head of the fly, I did not have to spend any time what so ever being careful not to cut the wing material. A substantial savings on a bunch of flies.

I later tried the same technique on Muddlers and other patterns which call for deer hair heads. It has saved me no only a lot of time over the years, but the quality of my flies has also improved as I have not cut a single wing fiber since employing this method.

I have shown the scissors position here sans wing so that their position can be clearly seen.

Now, place your wing on and trim using the eye as your guide.

Tie in the wing, going through the flared stubs toward the eye and tie off as usual.

Now, with the stubs clearly separate from the wing itself, with a snip of the scissors trim it to final length on your caddis. Of course your Muddler will take a few more snips, but the process will go faster and neater since you do not have to search to find where the butts end and the collar begins.

Put a drop of cement on your finish wrap and go fishing! You'll spend more time fishing and less time tying.

See you on the stream!

If you have any tips or techniques, send them along, most of this material has been stolen from somebody, might as well steal your ideas too!~ George E. Emanuel (Chat Room Host Muddler)

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