Trucos de montaje

The Finger Tip
By A.K. Best

Tying a few flies that require spun deer or elk hair can literaly be a painful experience. Many tyers will pull and compress the hair clump back toward the rear of the hook using their thumb and first two fingers of their materials hand. I do it this way because it's very quick and effective for creating a flat face on a clump of deer hair before tying in the next clump. The hook point will invariably prick the pad of your third finger when you do this. It's not unusual to draw a little blood after tying only one or two flies. You can avoid the pain and bloodshed by wearing a latex Finger Tip on your third finger.

The Finger Tip by Swingline is available at most well-stocked office supply stores and was designed for use by people who handle lots of loose pages or paper money and need to be able to sort one sheet at a time. Like many other gadgets we adopt for fly-tying use, you'll have to alter the design of the original a little to make it a useful aid. The Finger Tip has dozens of tiny latex bumps all around it that cling to the deer and elk hair too much. You can deal with these by putting it on your finger and then carefully snipping them off with a sharp pair of scissors, or you can simply turn it inside out; it's smooth on the inside.

Wearing a Finger Tip while you tie with clumps of deer or elk hair will seem a little awkward at first, but after two or three flies, you'll be glad you took the time to get accustomed to it. ~ A.K.

Credit: From Advanced Fly Tying, by A.K. Best, published by The Lyons Press. We appreciate use permission.

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